About us

Xeniam’s mission is to improve guest experience by building products that are rich in features and functionality and will make the user feel special and feel they get value for money when using them.
Products that will reward the guest with great experience and bring operational savings to hoteliers. Build Products that are completed with services: support maintenance, consultancy, customization. Products that have elegant user interfaces, that can be used by anyone and on the most recent devices.

To achieve its mission Xeniam is investing in development of software, hardware and services for full convergence of voice, video, Iinternet access, mobile and room control, for any type of property anywhere in the world.

The organization is “Nonius – Hospitality Technology” major shareholder and it is building on top a group that will offer products and services for every point of the guest journey.

Xenia (Greek: ξενία, xenía, trans. “guest-friendship”)